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As we embark on developing cutting-edge software solutions tailored for MSPs and streaming operators, it's crucial to ground our efforts in rigorous research. Our systematic approach ensures that every solution we develop is both innovative and aligned with market needs. Here are the key research steps we undertake:


Market Analysis

In this initial phase, we delve into the broader market to understand the prevailing trends, technology advancements, and regulatory changes affecting MSPs and streaming services. By analyzing market size, growth rates, and potential opportunities, we position ourselves to anticipate shifts and innovate proactively.

Demand Research

Next, we focus on identifying the specific needs and expectations of our target customers. This involves gathering insights directly from potential users through surveys, interviews, and feedback sessions. Our goal is to pinpoint the functionalities that will truly resonate with MSPs and streaming operators, ensuring our software solutions are both relevant and highly sought after.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding the competitive landscape is vital. We analyze our direct and indirect competitors, examining their offerings, pricing, and market positioning. This step helps us identify gaps in the current market offerings and areas where we can differentiate our software to offer superior value.

Research Results

The culmination of our research efforts is distilled into actionable insights that inform our development strategy. We summarize key findings, including identified opportunities, customer pain points, and competitive benchmarks. These results guide our product development teams in crafting software solutions that are not only innovative but also strategically positioned for success in the marketplace.
About our Agency

Our agency began its journey in the vibrant tech landscape of Greece, where we carved a niche by developing bespoke software solutions for MSPs and streaming operators. Rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the European market, we quickly established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance their digital capabilities.

Building on our success in Greece, we expanded our operations to the United States, bringing our unique blend of innovation and precision to a broader audience. In the US, we continue to thrive by adapting our strategies to meet the diverse needs of a dynamic market, ensuring that our clients receive cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to their specific operational demands.

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Our Pricing

Remote Senior IT Technician


Our Remote Senior IT Technician service provides expert technical support and system management to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly. Each session is billed on an hourly basis, offering you flexible and cost-effective access to top-tier technical expertise whenever you need it. Our experienced technicians specialize in troubleshooting, system updates, security enhancements, and more, ensuring that your technology meets the demands of your business without the need for a full-time on-site presence. Trust our professional team to deliver reliable, efficient, and timely solutions to all your IT challenges

Senior Website Expert


Our Senior Website Expert service offers comprehensive management and support for all your web hosting and website needs, including specialized WordPress services. Billed hourly, this service ensures you get targeted expertise exactly when you need it, without the commitment of a long-term contract. Whether you're looking to optimize website performance, secure your hosting environment, or enhance your WordPress site with custom plugins and themes, our seasoned experts are equipped to handle every aspect of your website's lifecycle. Rely on our Senior Website Experts to ensure your online presence is powerful, effective, and seamlessly maintained.

Senior Software Consultant


Our Senior Software Consultant service provides high-level expertise and guidance on a range of software development and deployment issues, offered on an hourly basis for maximum flexibility. Whether you're integrating new technologies, optimizing existing systems, or navigating complex software challenges, our consultants bring a wealth of experience to your project. They specialize in everything from system architecture design to performance tuning and software compliance standards, ensuring that your software solutions are robust, scalable, and aligned with your business objectives. Trust our Senior Software Consultants to deliver insightful, strategic support that propels your technology forward


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Working with this agency has completely transformed our approach to digital technology. Their bespoke software solutions perfectly align with our unique needs as an MSP, helping us optimize operations and enhance service delivery. The team’s dedication and expertise are evident in every interaction, making them a true asset to our business. We couldn't be more satisfied with the results!

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Martin Smith


As a streaming service operator, finding the right technology partner can be challenging, but this agency has exceeded all our expectations. Their custom software has not only streamlined our processes but also provided us with innovative tools to engage our audience more effectively. Their responsive support and deep understanding of our industry have been crucial in our growth and success. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their technological capabilities.

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Jessica Brown


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